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About Salona

Salona Yachts are made by AD Boats, a branch of AD Plastik, a 40-year-old company based in the city of Split, Croatia. In 2007 both companies were acquired by the Prevent Group, a German multi-national company with more than 12,000 employees and 35 production facilities worldwide — a major global supplier to the car industry, in particular Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.
Salona has built its reputation on its passion for excellence in sailboat construction, and as such enjoys a strong market position in four continents. One of its most acclaimed boats, the Salona 37 an Italian J&J Design that won the 2007 European and U.S. Yacht of the Year award, and score numerous regatta victories around the world.
From the beginning, the yard had been dedicated to build its own manufacturing facilities for high quality sailing yachts, and todays production line incorporates a series of advance technological and engineering solutions, that position Ad Boats as one of the top manufacturers in the world, and has been awarded with the OEM manufacturing contract of Sidney Yachts.

Salona is proud to offer semi-custom-built quality at mass production prices.

“Salona was the name of a prominent ancient Roman city on the Croatian coast near Split. At its height it was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, but it was destroyed by Avar invasions in the early 7Th century.”

Research and development

Manufacturing of these boats is a process that was thoughtfully established and is carefully controlled and guided by the research and development department. Everything from making the mold of the hull to the moment the ship leaves the shipyard, undergoes an exhaustive number of checks, so that each material used is scrutinized as carefully as the quality of the final product as a whole — Salona's primary concern.


The dedicated team at the shipyard in Split combines traditional Croatian shipbuilding techniques with modern materials and technology. All the elements used in the construction of Salona boats meet and exceed the highest standards of shipbuilding, and the labor intensive and detailed manual production in this part of the process is the secret behind the Salona hull's legendary quality. At the heart of all Salona Yacths is a hallmark design feature: an impressive stainless steel frame. This signature structure is designed to securely spread the loads from the keel, shrouds and mast, and distribute them evenly throughout the hull, increasing the boat’s stability and overall safety. We use vacuum infused fiberglass technology, that is very light and strong to give the just the right combination of lightness and strength to enhance the performance of the boat.


The purpose-driven team in this department ensures that everything comes together like a symphony, imparting each vessel with its special touch.

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