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IBC Upgrade

IBC Construction Upgrade

Salona is known for its fast boats. But true to a competitive spirit, we are always looking for ways to improve performance for those sailors who are driven by the need to race and the need to win. With Salona IBC construction you can optimize your boat and put it ahead of the pack for IRC, ORC and PHRF regattas.


Using vacuum infusion (blending vinylester resin on triaxial woven cloth) for the hull and deck along with cutting-edge VAP membranes (the same process used to build Airbus planes) provides a more consistent thickness of resin. This method of construction dramatically improves impact resistance and can save 880-1100 lbs. (400–500 kg on the S44), resulting in just the right balance of lightness and strength and enhancing the boat's overall performance.


Basalt, a volcanic material that is 30 percent stronger than glass but more elastic, is also more durable than carbon. This ultra-light but remarkably strong bulkhead material is used to shave off weight while simultaneously increasing the internal structure of the boat's torsional rigidity. It goes without saying that the lighter the boat, the faster it will go, and basalt offers the added advantage of allowing you to combine colors to easily replicate recognized brand insignias or to achieve the custom look of your choice.


We use carbon fibers for the rudder foils, mast, booms, wheels and spinnaker poles to further ensure the boat is both light and sound.

When choosing an IBC upgrade, our design team will work on every detail of your boat construction.

  • Interior furniture constructed in light materials.
  • Customized racing Keel using carbon foils
  • Shakewell type Seacocks on the thruhull valves
  • The application of clear gelcoat under the water line for added strength
  • Watertight bulkheads for safety
  • Folding propeller
  • Italian Teflon Racing Antifouling to minimize the drag.
  • Performance Mast and rigging.

We have the technology to construct your customized racing boat at an affordable price.

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Custom Made Boats and Brand Association

We have constructed many “branded” top racers — featuring fully colored hulls and logos — for companies that understand that sponsoring sailing automatically confers clout by association. Current sponsors include a cadre of well-heeled enterprises such as luxury goods designers (Louis Vuitton, Rolex and Hugo Boss), financial services companies (Artemis, and JPMorgan), high-end car manufacturers (Volvo, BMW and Audi) and technology firms (BT, ORACLE and Telefonica). Each of these organizations has its own set of reasons for choosing to sponsor sailing, and the sport succeeds in delivering on all.

When you choose an IBC upgrade, our design team pours over every detail of your boat's construction, so that even the interior furniture is constructed out of light materials.

  • Customized racing keel made using carbon foils
  • Shakewell seacocks on the thru-hull valves
  • A clear gelcoat application under the water line for reinforcement
  • Watertight bulkheads for safety
  • A folding propeller
  • Italian Teflon antifouling paint minimizes drag for racing
  • Performance mast and rigging

We have the technology to construct your customized racing boat at an affordable price.

We are very passionate about building boats, please call us and share your boat idea and discover that we can construct your custom racing boat at an affordable price.

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